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I am an outdoors man. I'm an artist. A love of the wild country, a lifelong tie to the land, and the ability to turn my experiences into ideas is what gets me out of bed each morning. I've never been the kind to follow the well-worn path. My work isn't a common scene that you'll see from the side of the road, but something experienced after miles of exploration. My hope is that you will travel with me through the work I create and experience the wild places, the wild creatures and the wild, windblown spirit that is Montana. ​

Take a walk with me. Who knows where we might go next. ​





My goal in creating a painting is to make the viewer's eyes move. I'm creating an illusion. My job is to place paint on a flat canvas and put ideas in your head by making them jump from that flat surface through color and texture. That creates a partnership between the painter and the viewer. I make the suggestion, you make the discovery.




Without a doubt sculpture is my one true love. I can work on a piece all day until my fingers are raw and the next day there I am again. It's hard work. My entire body becomes exhausted, eyes, hands, arms and back. The best thing is, I don't have to worry about color like when painting. Only composition and form are the goal. And I'll do it until I die.



Art Several years ago I began doing large room screens. Then I started doing bronze door knockers. It seemed to be a simple and effective way to get my work out there. They're fun to create and very functional. I probably put more time into designing them than I do in creating the rest of the piece.


Prints and Posters

These are pieces of work from the past. Some are old rodeo posters. Some paintings became murals, some not. Each piece has it's own story along with the people who've been on this ride with me.




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